tool-Precise Engraving Milling Cutter

  1. Product name:Precise Engraving Milling Cutter
  2. Characteristics:Specialized in cutting soft material like acrylic, plastic board, wood plate, …etc for engraving tiny picture and word. We may make custom order according to your special request.

Micro grinding, is a kind of grind skill specialized in fine and tiny carving. It’s a kind of combination of drilling and milling. “Carving” means fine. In industrial field, 90% of carving work cannot be finished by general big cutter, it must use micro grinding cutters. CNC engraving machines is controlled by computer. It needs support of professional CNC engraving technology, skill, and craft to process micro grinding cutter.

Bewise Inc., being a professional manufacturer of various cutting tools, is endeavoring to make excellent products. We are very experienced in custom-made tools, and good at solving customers’ problems when they meet difficulties and troubles. Through everlasting research and practices, we understand thoroughly about different materials of cutters and cutting tools.


BW’s popular products for tool series including circular saw, carbide cutting tool, saw blade, wood saw blade, special tool,side milling cutter, …etc; For machines we have spiral tube cooler, cutter grinder, and the latest design and advanced powder forming machine / pelletizer. Bewise is a superior manufacturer and supplier of cutter production and machinery industry.

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