Circular saw with metal ceramic blade

BW’s advanced metal-ceramic brazed circular saw has better flexural strength in machining high hardness alloy which content 18% up of Ni and more superior damage resistance and stable quality in wet machining than HSS saw.

Characteristics of metal ceramic:

  1. Stable cutting efficiency in wet machining.
  2. Better than the nano-tungsten carbide material for damage and abrasion resistances.

Characteristics of metal ceramic blade:

  1. The cutting edge is with self-sharpening effect of re-grinding.
  2. Stable chemical results.
  3. No infiltration effects on the blades.
  4. There is no pollution by using Co as the metal bonding material, instead of the mixture of Ni and Co.
  5. More safe during processing.
  6. Wider applications.
  7. Increasing the surface finish and accuracy.
  8. Enhancing the continuous processing capacity.

Circular saw with metal ceramic blade

Material composition:

component Color Specific Gravity. Hardness
Fracture Toughness
Flexural strength
TiCN+Nb bluish-gray 6.4 1500~1650 14.5~16.2 10.0~10.5 2500~1960

Circular saw with metal ceramic blade


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